Are you looking to do a Renovation? Let us do it for you!

While Strong Construction Services specialises in brand new building services across Auckland, our resourceful team can also tackle those renovations for you. Are you looking to do up an office or a bedroom? Maybe you’re restoring an old building? Any renovation, we can help you.

What might a renovation look like for me?

You may find that aspects of your living space aren’t working for you. Maybe you want a more modern look and feel to your home. Perhaps your space isn’t big enough to suit your needs. Maybe a growing household means you need new requirements. Whatever your reason, we are here to help. Our team is dedicated to working with you to make the final product as professional as it is functional for your unique home.

Our team is also passionate about working within our customer’s means. We can work to your budget and work within reasonable time specifications so that your new building renovation is completed when you need it to be.

Whether your renovation plans are internal or external, we strive to make changes that perfectly reflect your ideals. Our team can help you add brand new builds to complement your existing home or simply help you update elements to give your home a more modern and better functioning feel. Our team of experienced builders are also committed to ensuring that your new build suits the architecture and design of your home at present.


What makes Strong Construction different?

Strong Construction is dedicated to using eco-friendly, high-end, modern products to suit the needs of your home. Using trustworthy builders will ensure that your investment will add sufficient value to your home. No two homes are the same, so why settle for anything less, primarily when Strong Construction can provide you with the best. With our central location, we are accessible all across the Auckland region. If you’re looking for reliable renovation contractors in Auckland, you will find them here at Strong Construction.

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