Central Auckland Building Regulations- Epsom

Before any building can begin, you will need to get building approval consent from the Auckland council. Getting approval applies to any services that our team at Strong Construction offers.

While some of these services are minor compared to others, contacting your local council for approval is essential. Your new build must be carried out legally to be certified and be granted the final Code of Compliance Certificate (CCA). New builds would be deemed illegal if these approval conditions are ignored or CCA standards are not met. Fortunately, as certified builders, we will not start any builds until everything is in place with your local council.

The Auckland council apply different construction rules to specific zones and addresses, primarily to be considerate of the following matters of your local area

Such matters influence what you can build, the height of your build, how the land you are building on can be used, and the activities the land or build can be used for.

To find what rules apply to your specific address, you can use the following link to see the Auckland council’s specifics.


You can also order a property report for more clarity from the Auckland Council at the following link.

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