Need More Space? Look no further and plan your home extension with us

Let’s face it, we love our homes, but sometimes they fail to suit our needs. Maybe your family is growing, or perhaps you have new needs and need more space. If this is the case, a home extension may be the solution you are looking for. Our team of qualified builders are confident that we can assist you in building the best extension to suit your unique home.

Where do I start with a home extension?

When you contact our team, we will want to know more about your home, current state, location, and the specifications you require. A member of our team will come to your home and meet with you in person. Together we will discuss your needs and expectations, and we will use our professional eye to discuss the possibilities we can offer. Remember, we take your lead; we’re just here to assist.

We put any plans you like in writing so that our customers and we are on the same page and avoid confusion in the future. With the magic of technology, we can create a visual concept plan so that you can see what is possible before investing in the build itself beforehand. We want you to be sure that the extensions you require are what you want. After all, this is your home; we want it to be perfect as you do.

Any confirmed plans will go to the Auckland council for final approval. Once completed, we can begin the fun part.

How much will it cost?

Here at Strong Construction, we know that every home is unique. While adding an extension to your home may seem costly, it will likely be cheaper than buying a new home. A home extension is an investment. The money you put in, after all, will add significant value to your property when it comes time to sell. Therefore each cost will be unique to your home, but don’t worry, all expenses are estimated, disclosed and put in writing before any building begins. We want to work within your means, so our team is dedicated to finding cost-effective material to ensure that you get a satisfactory outcome.

Is my house suitable for an extension?

It is commonly misunderstood that a house extension can only be applied to certain types of homes; however, our team is confident we can adapt to your home’s unique architecture. Whether you need an extension applied to a multi-levelled building or your home is small or large, an extension is possible. Our team is experienced in building attached and semi-detached home extensions. Whether your original build is old or new, we can adapt to any style. You may be looking for either an extension internal to your home or possibly looking to add an outdoor extension to your backyard. Whatever the structure of your home, we are here to help you make all your extension dreams come true.

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