Looking For Reliable Auckland Builders? Make Strong Construction Your First Choice

Here at Strong Construction, we know all the energy, emotion, and passion that comes with making your home perfect. From ideas and dreaming to taking those first steps to turn those plans into reality, we know this can be a complex process. Every homeowner wants to make a worthy investment in building their future, so let us do the work while you do the dreaming.

Why Build in Auckland?

With the vast offering of urban settings and beautiful natural escapades, it’s no wonder many Kiwis are choosing to settle in Auckland. While you may choose to buy and renovate or build your unique home from scratch, Strong Construction is here to help.

With over 500 primary and secondary schools, a central domain for public transport, a lively nightlife, and a city of opportunity, there is something for everyone in Auckland. Whether you have a large, busy household, a small and quiet one, young or looking to retire, Auckland and Strong Construction caters to all.


Strong Construction prides itself on its central location, so whether you’re looking to build on the North Shore, Central to the City, or in the Western or Eastern areas, our builders are for you. 

At Strong Construction, our Auckland Builders specialise in multiple building practices to ensure your home is as you dream. We specialise in high-end luxury development, focusing on eco-friendly, technologically advanced builds suited to the unique architecture you desire; you really can dream big. Whether it be an art-deco style home at the beautiful beachfront of Mission Bay, a historic style build in Howick, or a good old brick-and-tile in Albany, our team can adapt to any building style anywhere.

Why should Strong Construction be your first choice?

Our team prides itself on ensuring that while your home is unique to you, all legalities are met concerning your build so you can live stress-free in your home. Our Auckland Builders assure all building practices are taken care of, so you don’t need to worry; we aim to build you a safe, secure, and healthy home unit. A home should bring you peace and serenity, not stress and troubling expenses that will cost you in future. 

Let’s look at the fundamental structures of a home. You will need strong foundations, sturdy flooring, stable walls, seamless beams and columns, and well-built stairs. Unsure what materials will do the job best to suit all these needs? Don’t worry yourself! Our team has you covered. Strong Construction partners with trusty tradespeople at Placemakers and HazardCo to supply you with reliable, long-lasting material.

What legalities go into home construction?

Our team of Auckland Builders are well versed in the building performance standards required by law in the 2004 building act. Essentially our team can also help ease the burden of dealing with troublesome, lengthy and often confusing legal requirements for home construction. Our building team are all certified, experienced, licensed practitioners. We assure you the following elements to complete your build. 

● Ensuring safe structural stability
● Building with durable materials to suit your unique build
● Providing trustworthy fire and earthquake designed builds
● Accessible internal and external structures to suit the needs of your household
● Long-lasting internal and external moisture and insulation control
● Install eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials to ease those bills in future

Our team is committed to building safe, long-standing and unique homes for each client so that when it’s time for you to unpack those boxes, you will get that final Code of Compliance Certificate.

Ready to turn those dreams into reality? Call us at 021 754 894 or email us at info@strongconstruction.co.nz

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